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Wichita times sex offenders view their crimes

Call Now for a Free Consultation: Sex crimes are widely considered to be some of the most serious offenses under the law. Not only is there a strong social stigma associated with sex crimes, but the judicial system often assigns harsh punishments to defendants who are convicted of sexual misconduct.

Wichita County, KS Registered Criminal or Sex Offenders

However, as with many types of criminal offenses, courts often allow some amount of leniency towards defendants who are first-time offenders. While punishments for sex crimes are severe, they may be less strict for a defendant who has no previous history of such acts. In Texas, first-time sex offenders are treated very differently than serial offenders. This article will explain that difference in detail. When a person is charged with a sexual offense in Texas, the outcome of their case may depend on many factors.

For example, some specific facts about the case can be introduced as evidence to support a conviction, including:. A first-time offender may be punished less harshly than a person with several previous criminal convictions. The nature of the sex crime for which the defendant is charged can also play a significant role. For a crime like aggravated sexual assaultthe defendant will likely receive a very severe sentence if convicted, regardless of their criminal history.

The biggest difference between the sentencing of first-time sex offenders and repeat offenders may be the use of maximum sentences. For example, in Texas, the crime of sexual assault is listed as a felony of the second degree.

A first-time sex offender may not necessarily receive the maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. However, a person with one or more previous convictions of sexual assault will be far more likely to face the full stint of 20 years behind bars. Additionally, in some cases, the judge may see fit to increase the penalty category for a sex crime conviction. Suppose that James was convicted of sexual assault 20 years ago. He received a sentence of eight years in prison but he was paroled after serving only four years.

Now, he has been convicted of a second sexual assault crime. The judge upgrades the penalty category from a second degree felony to a felony of the first degree. James is sentenced to 30 years in prison with no possibility of parole and he is also required to register as a sex offender for life.

In some cases, a person convicted of a sex crime may not be required to register as a sex offender if it is their first offense. However, a person convicted of sex crime for the second time is almost guaranteed to be ordered to register as a sex offender, possibly for life. In Texas, some cities and counties offer diversionary programs for defendants convicted of certain crimes.Justice Department's Office of Justice Programs.

Most sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim or the victim's family, regardless of whether the victim is a child or an adult. For adult victims, statistics indicate that the majority of women who have been raped know their assailant. A National Violence Against Women Survey revealed that among those women who reported being raped, 76 percent were victimized by a current or former husband, live-in partner, or date.

A Bureau of Justice Statistics study found that nearly nine out of 10 rape or sexual assault victimizations involved a single offender with whom the victim had a prior relationship as a family member, intimate, or acquaintance.

Among children, approximately 60 percent of boys and 80 percent of girls who are sexually victimized are abused by someone known to the child or the child's family, according to a study. Relatives, friends, baby sitters, persons in positions of authority over the child, or persons who supervise children are more likely than strangers to commit a sexual assault.

Only a fraction of those who commit sexual assault are apprehended and convicted of their crimes. Most convicted sex offenders eventually are released to the community under probation or parole supervision. Many women who are sexually assaulted by intimates, friends, or acquaintances do not report these crimes to police. Instead, victims are most likely to report being sexually assaulted when the assailant is a stranger, the victim is physically injured during the assault, or a weapon is involved in the commission of the crime.

The National Crime Victimization Surveys conducted inand indicate that only 32 percent of sexual assaults against persons 12 or older were reported to law enforcement.

There are no current studies on the rate of reporting for child sexual assault, but it generally is assumed that these assaults are equally under-reported. The low rate of reporting leads to the conclusion that more than 90 percent of all sex offenders are living in communities nationwide without ever having been charged for their crime. Some 60 percent of convicted sex offenders are supervised in the community, whether directly following sentencing or after a term of incarceration in jail or prison.

Reconviction data suggest that this is not the case. Further, reoffense rates vary among different types of sex offenders and are related to specific characteristics of the offender and the offense. Persons who commit sex offenses are not a homogeneous group, but instead fall into several different categories.

As a result, research has identified significant differences in reoffense patterns from one category to another. Looking at reconviction rates alone, one large-scale analysis Hanson and Bussiere, reported the following differences:. Child molesters had a 13 percent reconviction rate for sexual offenses and a 37 percent reconviction rate for new, non-sex offenses over a five-year period.

Rapists had a 19 percent reconviction rate for sexual offenses and a 46 percent reconviction rate for new, non-sexual offenses over a five year period.

Another study found reconviction rates for child molesters to be 20 percent and for rapists to be approximately 23 percent. Recidivism rates for sex offenders are lower than for the general criminal population.

For example, a Bureau of Justice Statistics study ofnon-sex criminals released from prisons in 11 states in found that nearly 63 percent were rearrested for a non-sexual felony or serious misdemeanor within three years of their release from incarceration; 47 percent were reconvicted; and 41 percent were ultimately returned to prison or jail. It is important to note that not all sex crimes are solved or result in arrest and only a fraction of sex offenses are reported to police.

For these reasons, relying on rearrest and reconviction data underestimates actual re-offense numbers. Despite the increase in publicity about sexual crimes, the actual rate of reported sexual assault has decreased slightly in recent years. Infewer than 1 percent of all incarcerated rape and sexual assault offenders were female fewer than women.

Byhowever, 6, females had been arrested for forcible rape or other sex offenses, constituting approximately 8 percent of all rape and sexual assault arrests for that year, according to FBI statistics. Additionally, studies indicate that females commit approximately 20 percent of sex offenses against children. Most sex offenders were not sexually assaulted as children and most children who are sexually assaulted do not sexually assault others.

Early childhood sexual victimization does not automatically lead to sexually aggressive behavior. While sex offenders have higher rates of sexual abuse in their histories than expected in the general population, the majority were not abused. Among adult sex offenders, approximately 30 percent have been sexually abused.T he men file in, a few wearing pressed button-down shirts, others jeans caked in mud from work on a construction site.

They meet in the living room of an old taupe bungalow on a leafy street in a small Southern city. Someone has shoved a workout bike into the corner to make room for a circle of overstuffed chairs dug up at the local Goodwill.

The men jockey for a coveted recliner and settle in. They are complaining about co-workers and debating the relative merits of various trucks when a faint beeping interrupts the conversation.

One man picks up a throw pillow and tries to muffle the sound of the battery running low on his ankle bracelet, a reminder of why they are all there. Every one of the eight men in the room has been convicted of a sex crime and mandated by a court to see a therapist.

Wichita times sex offenders view their crimes

Depending on the offense, their treatment can last several months or several years. TIME has given both the men and the therapists pseudonyms in this story. They sit in the circle, the man who exposed himself to at least women, next to the man who molested his stepdaughter, across from the man who sexually assaulted his neighbor. The group includes Matt, whose online chats led to prison; Rob, who was arrested for statutory rape; and Kevin, who spent decades masturbating next to women in movie theaters.

Cosby could also be ordered to seek therapy. Nor can they attempt to stage professional comebacks or publish mea culpa memoirs.

Instead, these men were all found guilty and had their names added to a state sex-offender registry. They will remain on that list for decades and, in some cases, the rest of their lives.

Anyone can search online for the ugly details of their crimes, including employers, partners and their own children. A judge has limited where most of the men in this room can live, work and socialize—and whether they can access the Internet.

Some are unemployed, and many live paycheck to paycheck, dependent on the few employers who are willing to tolerate their criminal history. The more thanregistered sex offenders in the U.

In at least 10 recent lawsuits filed in states from Pennsylvania to Colorado, civil rights proponents argue that sex offenders face unconstitutional punishments that other criminals do not, and they note that there are no government registries for murderers or other violent felons in most states. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a case challenging the limits of the registry in its October term. But advocates for the millions of women, men and children who have experienced sexual violence are pushing back on any reforms, and 12 states have passed or proposed further restrictions on offenders in the past year.

Most people find it difficult to reconcile the hope that rehabilitation is possible with the impulse to push these men to the periphery of society forever.These searches allow the public to search the registry for sex offenders registered in Texas.

Impact of the Sex Offender Registry on the Family, Matt Duhamel

Subscription ServiceThe Department of Public Safety has created a notification system that allows the public to subscribe to e-mail notifications regarding database changes relating to registered sex offenders. Download DatabaseThe Public Sex Offender Registry is available as a download for users wishing to do comparisons against their own systems, combine with other data, run statistics or otherwise perform operations not available thru the TxDPS Crime Records Service Public website.

All information on individual registrants is based on registration information submitted by Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Youth Commission, or various local criminal justice agencies. DPS cannot guarantee the records obtained through this site relate to the person about whom information is sought.

Searches based on names, dates of birth, or other alphanumeric identifiers are not always accurate. The only way to positively link an individual to a specific sex offender record is though fingerprint verification.

However, if you feel there is an error on a sex offender registration record, please report this to the local law enforcement agency the sex offender has verified their information with. The verification agency is listed in the sex offender registration information. All information provided through this website is open record. It may be used by anyone for any purpose. However, it is your responsibility to make sure the records you access through this site pertain to the person about whom you are seeking information.

Wichita times sex offenders view their crimes

Extreme care should be exercised in using any information obtained from this website. Neither DPS nor the State of Texas shall be responsible for any errors or omissions produced by secondary dissemination of this information. Anyone who uses any information on this website to injure, harass, or for any other unlawful purpose may be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability.

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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.The number of sex offenders they have registered is well over twice the amount the state had about a decade ago. The database is full of individuals required to register after they committed acts related to sex, violence, drugs. The crazy thing about the Kansas sex offender database is how frequently it is updated.

Information is modified four times an hour, and that information is provided by the sex offenders themselves. For that reason, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation encourages people to notify them about any incorrect information. Since the sex offender database is updated several times an hour, it is impossible for anyone to stay informed at all times.

The user interface includes a map of your community that displays all the threats to look out for. However, the best feature is the mass notification tool.

Any information you want to be updated on will be sent directly to your phone as soon as possible. Users can get messages anytime a new registered sex offender moves into their community. Plus, updates can be provided for weather, natural disasters, and other criminal reports. SeekVerify is an innovative application focused on protecting families from offline and online sexual offenders and predators by providing web-based family protection tools.

SeekVerify is an essential tool, because it brings communities together. There is a feature that allows users to report information themselves. Thus, if you see or hear anything suspicious, then you can enter that information into SeekVerify.

Staying informed is a primary factor for people to be able to protect their families. Safety concerns can present themselves in your community at anytime. For that reason, SeekVerify is a must-have tool, especially since it does all the work for you. You get to select the notifications you want to receive, which will help put your mind at ease.

Wichita times sex offenders view their crimes

You can receive notifications for up to 4 addresses of any registered sex offender activity within a 5 mile radius. If you are someone who tries to keep up with the registered sex offenders in your community, then sign up for SeekVerify today. The following list presents the largest cities and towns in Kansas.

Anyone living in one of these areas is more susceptible to a higher presence of sex offenders, because highly populated areas are more likely to contain more sex offenders. Thus, SeekVerify is even more important to citizens of the following towns and cities. Enter your email address above to identify how many Registered Sex Offenders are in your neighborhood.

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Other examples of such rhetoric are collected here. Recidivism rates vary widely depending on which crimes are counted, the timeframe of the studies, and whether repeat offenses are defined by convictions, arrests, or self-reporting. The conventional wisdom on sex-crime recidivism, coupled with high-profile sex crimes against children, has helped spur the spate of registry and neighbor-notification laws, even before they could be properly studied for their impact on recidivism rates. Several researchers, including Dr.

Doren, say that residency-restriction laws may be counterproductive. This research is expensive and long-term follow-ups are, by definition, slow to produce results. Even if we were to know whether rates have declined in recent years, it would be difficult to isolate the cause. Doren proposes several alternate explanations for his perception that rates have declined in recent years, including better and more frequent treatment, and closer monitoring.

Meanwhile, the existing research raises tough questions about the relative danger child molesters pose to society. Their likelihood of being convicted for a crime after release is much lower than average for all criminals released from prison, and even for all sex offenders, at least in the short term, as measured by a Bureau of Justice Statistics study and others.

Yet their crimes, when they do repeat child abuse, are unusually harmful, and their victims particularly vulnerable. Does that justify the closer monitoring of child molesters after release, compared with other criminals? What do you think? What is the best way to measure recidivism rates, and what should be measured? Do the numbers justify registries and neighbor notification? Please let me know in the comments. Further reading: Other newspapers previously have pointed out that measured recidivism rates appear to contradict conventional wisdom.

Illustrating the difficulty of measuring the effect of interventions on recidivism rates, a Canadian study found that sex offenders who completed treatment were far less likely to re-offend — but that may not mean the treatment itself was successful.

Texas Public Sex Offender Registry

Instead, it might just demonstrate that a willingness to complete treatment is an indicator of other factors that diminish the likelihood of repeating a sexual crime.

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Wichita times sex offenders view their crimes

Reader's Opinion:.Many first-time sex offenders on the spectrum may not understand the laws they break. How should their crimes be treated? Dubin has autism. And growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, he had been mercilessly taunted by his peers, some of whom had called him gay simply because he was different. But what if he actually was homosexual? As an adult, Dubin found some men attractive, and his attempts at dating women had not gone well. To help him understand his sexuality, Dubin recalls, a therapist he was seeing in suggested he buy a few adult pornography magazines.

Province moves to block sex offenders from changing their names

He drove to a seedy part of the city and purchased a handful of magazines. He also began looking at pornography on the internet. He recalls being surprised that it was free and so easy to find. Soon he was bombarded with pop-up ads for porn sites. Some of the ads he clicked on led to sites with pictures of minors, which he downloaded to his computer.

At the time, Dubin was 33 and had built an impressive career as an autism advocate. He had a doctorate in psychology and was working as a consultant in a nearby school for autistic students. By all appearances, he was someone who should have known that child pornography is wrong. That disconnect seemed to hold true for Dubin. In someone with such a young social age, Geller says, the ages of children in photographs may not register as they would for a typical adult.

Later that year, just after dawn one Wednesday, a dozen agents from the U. They handcuffed him and told him they had a search warrant. Dubin thought at first that the men were from the fire department. He asked them repeatedly why they were there. Dubin was arrested and ultimately convicted for possessing child pornography. Dubin is one of many autistic individuals who have become embroiled in the criminal justice system because of their sexual behavior.

Some, like Dubin, have found themselves in legal trouble for viewing or collecting child pornography, whereas others have been charged with stalking, masturbating in public, harassment or sexual assault. Some are serving prison sentences.

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